Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long time no post

Sorry everyone - I know it's been a bit since my last post.

Me and the new family addition:
As of today (2/3/09) I am 7 weeks pregnant. Morning sickness increases a bit each day, and I tossed cookies for the first time this morning. Much better than when I was pregnant with the twins, but it makes for unpleasant bus rides. :( My other main symptoms are fatigue and sore breasts - normal for this stage! Otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. Should be getting an ultrasound in 10 days to determine if there is just one baby in there this time.

The twins:
Giovanna and Roman are doing great! They are doing so well with their letters, numbers, and colors, and stringing together sentences like crazy. Giovanna almost always uses the potty to poop, and Roman is being a bit more consistant with the peeing (though I think he'll be content in diapers for awhile yet). They are certainly entering the "terrible twos" stage, including tantrums, random screaming, and being obstinate. Fun fun fun! :) We try to have a "and this too shall pass" mentality when they are going nutso, and time outs are often the result. Sigh... Still, when the Giovanna flings her arms around my neck or Roman snuggles up in my chest, and they say "I love you!" it makes everything else seem trivial. Happy mama! Kyle gave the kids AWESOME new haircuts (note the return of the 'hawk and a new do for Boogie!):

Doing great, too! As always, teaching the kids new stuff every day! I love coming home and seeing everything new they've been working on that day. They're doing numbers now. The kids seem to like the number 7 best, following both of their parents love of prime numbers. Haha!

Here are the rest of our pics from the last month:


Rachael said...

Giovanna looks adorable, but she really looks not like a baby with that cute haircut!

Hope the sickness passes quickly!

MommyP said...

Awww, they both look so grown up now! I'm glad you are ALL doing so well!