Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First doctor's appointment scheduled? CHECK!

I scheduled my first doc appt: Feb 13! I will be 8 weeks 3 days, and they will do a scan right then and there to see how many hearts are beating in there. YAY! (Yes, that's Friday the 13th, lol - good thing I'm not superstitious!) They said it would be a long appt - like 1.5 hours to do my physical and everything.

More good news - my doc office has midwives on staff! Normally, my first appt would be with a midwife or nurse practioner, but with my history of fraternal twins, severe morning sickness, premature labor, and a blood clot, they decided to get me in to see a doctor first instead. I will still ask to have a midwife assigned to me, though - I really wanted one last time but they didn't do that at my old doc office.

The next 3 weeks and 3 days are going to draaaaaaaaag... I can't wait to see the little bean!!!

Otherwise, I'm feeling ok. Heartburn is kicking my butt. Had a little mild nausea this morning but it was gone pretty quick. My coworker told me I looked pale this morning, even though I felt ok. Coffee tastes funny to me today, even though it's the same as always. In general, I haven't wanted sweets and I've been craving Chinese food, especially dumplings, somen noodles, stir fried broccoli, and soy sauce! I'm drinking water like crazy. I seem to have blank parts of my memory - I totally forgot what preggo brain can be like!

I keep having thoughts and dreams of a little girl. This is contrary to the old wives tales (craving salt = boy, lack of nausea = boy), Chinese gender predictor (boy), and Kyle saying "he" the night we found out we were pregnant. I'm awful at predicting gender for others (I don't remember ever guessing right!) so we'll see!

Oh, and pants are uncomfortable already. Is it bad to want maternity pants at 5 weeks?!?!? LMAO! I have plenty of room (usually I need a belt, which I put away last week), but I can't stand ANY pressure on my abdomen right now. I think it would be unprofessional to unbutton my pants at work, lol!

The twins are doing great! Giovanna had a cold 2 weekends ago, and it was Roman's turn this last weekend. I've been fighting it off since early last week. Mostly congestion and coughing - nothing alarming, but it interferes with sleep something fierce!

The kids identify all the letters by sight now (and sometimes they call them by the image that's on the puzzle - i.e. if I say "Where's the M?" they say "M for Monkey!" and grab the M!). Kyle is doing GREAT at teaching them letters and colors. Roman is 99% on yellow, orange, and purple, and about 75% on the other colors. Giovanna's drawing style is getting very deliberate. Instead of huge circles, lines, and scribbles, she slowly draws tiny circles, lines, and dots, then she identifies them as a specific object (heart, monkey, baby, balloon...). I've noticed a few times where Roman watches her, and when she identifies a drawing as a specific item, he nods and says "uh-huh! Monkey!" They both do that to each other when they identify animals, colors, and letters, too. Kyle is planning to start working on numbers with them this week (they are still counting to two, and can identify the number 7 for some reason), so that should be exciting! I love this stage so much.

Oh, and the sweetest recent moment... they were both dancing wildly to music (they are developing some amazing new moves, lol) and Roman got right in Giovanna's face and said "I LOVE OH!" and she giggled loudly and tried to hug/kiss him, at which point he turned away and kept dancing, lol!!

I'll try to get some pictures posted in the next few days - we haven't got many recent ones with us all feeling like poo the last couple weeks.

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