Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi Baby!!

Here's Baby D'Agostini at 13 weeks, 2 days:


Face (still looks like an alien!):

They couldn't tell the gender yet, but they said the baby is measuring right on schedule and there is nothing to indicate concern of any kind. YAHOO!!!

The docs did decide to put me on a daily regimen of Lovenox again. Fun - daily injections into my tummy fat that leaves nasty-looking bruises. Yay. Oh well, it will keep me from developing blood clots, which could put me and the baby at risk.

The docs also decided that I'm NOT high-risk for preterm labor again, since last time it was a multiple pregnancy and the preterm birth was caused by water breaking, not preterm contractions. So, no weekly progesterone shots and no bedrest! YAY!

The morning sickness (which was getting pretty bad) finally let up last weekend and I started feeling 90% normal again by Monday! I still have some pretty strong food aversions, but at least I'm not running to the bathroom whenever I think of them, lol. The nausea let up just a few days shy of the end of the 1st trimester - right on schedule!

The twins are doing amazing. They talk all the time. Boogie says very matter of fact things that we can't understand sometimes, lol. Roman tries so hard to get us to understand him when he has a hard time getting his meaning out.

Both kids are so imaginative, too - they put towels over their heads and run around after each other saying they are Batman, lol! They like to crawl around and pretend they are puppies and kitties, they stir imaginary food and say "I cook" and they always have the funniest answers when I ask what they're cooking. Often it's soup, or cookies. Sometimes it's something totally random, like popcorn, or jellybeans. Or blueberry pancakes. Crazy kids!

Giovanna's potty training is moving right along. She poops in the potty almost every time, and she's getting good at telling us RIGHT before she has to go, instead of having to sit on the potty for 20 minutes before pooping. The problem is she still hates pooping, so she'll say (slightly panicky) "POOP ON THE POTTY!" and when we get up to help her, she says "NO! POOP IN DIAPER!! POOP IN DIAPER!!" We have to guide her into the bathroom and convince her to take off her pants and diaper and sit on the potty sometimes. Once she sits down, she's usually pretty good, though she whines when she actually poops, then afterward she says happily, "ALL DONE!" and gets up to get a tattoo, lol. Roman sometimes asks to pee or poop on the potty, but doesn't actually want to do it once he's there. He'll be ready eventually. As long as one of them is at least day-trained by the time the new one is born, I'll be happy. :)

My mommy came to visit us last weekend and we had a BLAST!!! The kids got some wonderful grammy-time, which gave Kyle and I some interacting-without-being-constantly-hounded-for-attention time! Temi and Matt came to visit for most of Sunday, too, so we had some great family fun time. Much game-playing and drawing ensued. Giovanna threw a fit when Grammy had to leave, but Grammy called the next day and they got to have a nice follow-up chat. :)

That's all the news I have for now!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I heart promethazine.

I am so ready for the morning sickness to be over. The doc gave me a prescription for promethazine (Phenergan), in case it got bad, and I had to start taking it last week. I was just feeling rotten all day and had absolutely no appetite. And if I didn’t eat, the nausea was worse! One day I threw up 3 times, and thought “I’m done!”

While the promethazine (which I take every 6 hours, though it wears off every 4.5-5 hours) does not fully take the nausea away, it does give me mostly-puke-free days, and allows me to eat healthier foods that were beyond my capability a week ago (fruits, veggies, meat…). Without the meds, all I feel like eating is candy and chips. Not so good for me or the baby! Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins. Random cravings have been hitting me. Right now I would kill for some French Onion Soup, but by the time I get home, I probably won’t want it anymore, lol. I have leftover pizza for lunch and it sounds pretty good right now!

My stomach is certainly changing already. It’s a bit firmer and less roll-y (if that makes sense). My pants are terribly uncomfortable without modifications (rubber bands or paperclips, lol) and don’t stay up well with said modifications. But I’m not nearly ready for maternity pants yet. I remember this transition time last pregnancy – so frustrating! The baby is the size of a kumquat - about an inch or an inch and a half. My weekly pregnancy email says that abdominal thickening at this point is probably due to weight gain or bloating, but I stepped on the scale on Sunday and had lost 2 more pounds (grand total of 3 lbs lost) with clothes on! They say you “show” much earlier with subsequent pregnancies.

We started taking the kids swimming last week at the Southwest Community Center! We’ve been 3 times already. We got them some swimsuits with foam floaties built in so we don’t have to use lifejackets. The first time, Giovanna refused to be in the water – she would only sit on the side and kick her feet. Roman, however, had a great time, as long as Kyle and I kept our chests and heads above water – the second we got deeper, he started to fuss. The second trip was more successful – we floated Giovanna around on a big foam pad that we called her boat. Yesterday was the most successful – we got both kids out where they couldn’t touch the bottom, holding on to us or the bar on the side of the pool! They are great kickers! They both laugh when they see other kids jumping to their parents, but neither want to do it themselves yet (well, Roman did the first day, but hasn’t since then!). I wish we could get pictures, but apparently cameras aren’t allowed in the pool area. ::(

Kyle had to get some unexpectedly painful dental work done last week, and has more coming up later this month. Poor guy!!

Otherwise, we’re all doing great!