Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh my goodness... Have I really not posted since NOVEMBER?!?!?!?

Wow. Well, that's what I get for relying on Facebook to update everyone, lol.

Aaaaaanyway.... So Gaius is now 8 months old and the twins are 3.5, and all three of them are C.R.A.Z.Y. Usually in a good way. Roman has recently taken to saying "You're my BEST" and, coupled with the patented Roman D'Agostini Wink (TM), he pretty much gets whatever attention he wants. Giovanna now draws people complete with fingers and toes, and LOVES pretending she is a kitty, puppy, dinosaur, eagle, or monkey (or any other animal, person, or robot). They both like to tell stories, act out scenes from Ponyo and Sid the Science Kid, lol! And they like to dream about cars, dinosaurs, and making cookies. Giovanna likes monkeys and purple; Roman likes puppies and blue. I absolutely love their imaginations - so freakin' cool!!!! They often play creative games with each other (usually without ending in whining or incident) and it's so fascinating to see them play off of each other!

They have been in preschool 2 half-days a week for the last few months, and we all love it. They come home with a few new learned habits (which are generally annoying) and germs (which are always annoying), but Kyle gets a few quiet(er) hours per week and they get some independent time - YAY! They miss the school-year cutoff by about 6 weeks (BOO!) so they have another year of preschool before Kindergarten. Holy crap - that is soon. ACK!!

Gaius is freakin' amazing. He eats everything we feed him so far, lol, and still loves to nurse! I've been very fortunate that I have pumped (barely) enough milk for him so we haven't had to supplement with formula. YAY! He has 4 teeth and two more are close to popping through. We had a few weeks of biting, but it thankfully it didn't last too long. Breastfeeding is otherwise going very well! He stands unsupported for short periods, and has even taken a few steps - YIKES!!! Crawling is still his main mode of travel, and he is a sneaky ninja, crossing the room in about 2.38 milliseconds. We don't even put the vacuum away since we have to use it multiple times a day. He is the happiest. Baby. EVER. He almost always has smiles and giggles, even when he is tired and teething.

The twins are so good with Gaius - they crack him up all the time and are always rush to sing to him when he fusses. We have to back them off periodically because they get a little overexcited sometimes!

Here's a few recent pics!