Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and fingerpainting


Kyle bought some gel fingerpaints, laid out a plastic dropcloth and some paper, and let the kids go to town. I came home from work just as they were finishing up...


Kyle suprised me by finishing the Luke/Leia costumes yesterday!!! We hadn't gotten them done and had decided to do the Poatoheads costumes again. But, the Luke/Leia ones turned out soooooo awesome! It was rainy here, so we went to a mall that was doing Trick or Treating. The kids walked the whole circuit (of the first floor, at least) and we got soooooo much attention.

Kyle and I didn't dress up since we didn't get our costumes done, but the kids had fun trying on the Darth Vader mask:

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Suman said...

Those costumes are amazing! Can you guys make mine next year??? I sent these on to Ramona too... and you guys are all use to this but its the whole "they are adorable, extremely cute". Showed a couple people at work and they were like, those are the cutest kids (this gal has nieces too, so I think she just dissed them). Are you guys tired of hearing how adorable your kids are yet???

Rachael said...

LOVE the costumes! They are so adorable. I love Ginny's fake buns, so cute!

CrochetingPixy said...

The costumes are awesome Brie!! They are so CUTE!!!! And the finger painting looks like they had ALOT of fun there :D

Hope you guys are all doing wonderful!