Saturday, November 22, 2008


A few new phrases:

"Ruv yoo" (love you)

"Booogeee push" or "Whoa-man push" (indicating their sibling pushed them)

"Aleth off!" or "Aleth down!" (telling the dog to get off or down)

"Bat-dat!" (Batman)

"TV on?" (greeeaaaaat)

"Daw lurckle" (draw circle)

"Dimme!" (Gimme - yeah, that's a fun one)

"I theee youuuu!" (I see you - whenever they find something they are looking for. Often accompanied by a triumphant arm-waving jump)

And new pics at the park and the children's museum!

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Joel and Julia said...

You're twins are so cute:) I love the autumn pics and the museum pics. They definitely look like you:)
Miss you!
Keep in touch!