Monday, April 6, 2009


It went from winter to spring in 24 hours! And will probably go back to winter on Wednesday, lol. But I don't care - we had an absolutely PERFECT weekend, and it was nice again today, and should be again tomorrow! YAHOO!! It's amazing the difference a little sunshine can do to our mood! Not to mention that we can get out of the house!

I took last Friday off as a personal day - I really needed some rest! Saturday Kyle went with Tory, Temi, Matt, and Dad (and several canines, lol) and went fishing. So I took the kids to the zoo. By myself. I thought I was crazy! Turns out my day of rest, and the fact the kids slept well and had a great breakfast (eggs, bacon, fruit salad, and daddy's homemade cinnamon rolls!), made for a wonderful time! They walked almost the whole 2 hours we were there, and listened to me whenever they started to stray too far! Of course, I forgot the camera, so no pics of that day (there are zoo pics in the link below, but they are from an earlier trip they took with their daddy).

Sunday and today we walked to the park again and got some great pics! Gotta love natural sunlight. Kyle also took the kids to the Japanese Gardens today, and that place is BEAUTIFUL! He got some amazing pics there, including several from the kids' point of view. :)

I'm feeling pretty good right now. A restful and sunny weekend made all the difference. I feel much more energized, and only a teensy bit nauseous in the mornings! I've been feeling little twinges that feel an awful lot like a baby moving in there, especially when I eat an orange, lol! The sugar content must wake the kid right up. :) My next doc appointment is April 15, and my "big" ultrasound is May 7th. If the baby cooperates, we should be able to tell the gender then!

And without further ado... PICTURES!

And in regards to the gray blobs that were the ultrasound of the new baby, here is a map to show you what each blur means. :)

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Rachael said...

I love your green shirt!

Good lord, lady, I can't believe how big your kiddies have gotten! They are just adorable. The picture of Giovanna with paint/marker all over her on the potty? Priceless! That's a first date picture for sure...

They both have the most gorgeous eyes too. I hope things are going well!