Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holy snow, Batman!

This is what our porch looks like right now:

Yeah. So, we're pretty much snowed in. I even get a snow day from work tomorrow!

It snowed last weekend, too, but it was just enough that we could take the kids out to play (link to pics below). Now, it's too much! Kyle walked to the store this morning for a few needed items, while I stayed home with the kids. No way am I going outside unless absolutely necessary!

Another fun stay-home activity today was painting ornaments! I made some out of salt dough last night, and since we don't have cookie cutters they came out a little uneven and lumpy, but luckily you can't really tell from the pics. :)

Note the kids' vastly different styles. For the first 5 minutes, Roman had nothing but one red dot in the middle of each of his 5 ornaments, and by then Giovanna's were already smeared with 3 colors, lol!!

Photos of playing in the snow:

Photos and video of ornament-decorating:


Rachael said...

Can you believe the snow?! It's crazy up here, we have a permanent 6-7 inches in the yard and it's supposed to snow more tonight!

Sam hates it - doesn't want to walk in it, touch it or play with it. We have been carrying him to and from the car! Hope you're staying warm down there!

MommyP said...

Wow!!! They both did such a good job!!! I can't get Stephen to work with a paintbrush that well yet... He's still a fingerpainting kind of boy!! Merry Christmas!